Country name:  SERBIA
Strategic orientation:
The National Employment Strategy 2011-2020 aims at supporting the development of the Republic of Serbia, with the central focus on employment and the reduction of relative poverty
Overall goal:
Increase of the participation of the National Employment Service in the labour market through the establishment of partnership relations with all relevant actors and by strengthening the influence on employment policymaking and implementation.
  • Employment affairs: provision of information on employment opportunities and conditions; job matching in the country and abroad; vocational guidance and career counselling, ; implementation of active labour market measures; issuance of work permits to foreigners and stateless persons in conformity with the law
  • Affairs in relation to unemployment insurance, administration of employment insurance entitlements and other rights in compliance with the law and
  • Record keeping in the field of employment
The National Employment Service is a legal person with the status of a statutory social insurance organisation. The NES is organised in a uniform way throughout Serbia. For the purpose of implementation of the activities in its competence, the NES has the following organisational units:
  1. According to the functional principle: Head Office in Belgrade (which includes the Director’s Office, sectors, departments, sections and groups) and two provincial employment services, and
  2. According to the territorial principle: 34 branch offices (within which 13 employment offices, 124 local offices and 15 offices).
The NES Head Office, as the core organisational unit, participates in the implementation of the National Employment Strategy and the National Employment Action Plan, develops the uniform methodology for professional and operational implementation of activities in the NES competence, and provides guidelines and logistical support to branch offices in all functions. The Provincial Employment Service, as a core organisational unit, participates in the implementation of the employment policy in the territory of the autonomous province, ensures the implementation of the uniform operational methodology, monitors the implementation of planned activities and provides expert assistance to branch offices in the territory of the autonomous province.
Branch offices, as core organisational units, participate in the implementation of employment policy, apply the uniform methodology in the performance of professional and operational tasks in the territory for which they are competent.
The National Employment Service was founded by the Law on Employment and Unemployment Insurance. The NES is the holder of all rights, obligations and responsibilities in legal transitions with regard to the assets it has at its disposal and it is registered in the competent authority’s registry, in compliance with the law.
The Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs supervises the work of the National Employment Service.
The NES bodies are the Managing Board and the Director.
The Managing Board guides the work of the National Employment Service and it consists of seven members, appointed and discharged by the Government of the Republic of Serbia (four members, including the chairperson, are proposed by the Minister competent for employment affairs, whereas three members are proposed by the Socio-Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia).
The NES Director represents and acts on behalf of the National Employment Service. He/she is appointed and relieved of duty by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. He/she is appointed for a four-year term, and may hold the office for a maximum two terms.
In addition to the affairs stipulated by the Law on Employment and Unemployment Insurance, the Managing Board and the Director also conduct the tasks specified in the Statute of the National Employment Service.
The participation of relevant institutions, social partners and other stakeholders ensures the alignment of the National Employment Action Plan (NEAP) for the current year with the sector policies and the current reform processes of relevance and influence to the field of employment policy. In addition, the fact that this document is also based on the policy documents and guidelines of the European Employment Policy clearly attests to the aspiration to achieve full harmonisation of the national employment policy and labour market institutions with the EU Acquis.
The active labour market measures and the activities planned under the NEAP are implemented by the ministry competent for employment affairs, the NES and other authorities, institutions and social partners.
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