Objectives of LEA BiH are to successfully represent LEA BiH internationally, fulfil the international employment related obligations and coordinate them with Entity Employment Services and Employment Service of the Brčko District of BiH in accordance with its activity programme.
In line with the law, LEA BiH cooperates with the agencies, institutions and international organisations competent for the field of employment, fulfils the international employment related obligations while cooperating with the competent Entity Employment Services and the Employment Service of the Brčko District of BiH; monitors and participates in the implementation of the employment related international standards and policies and takes care of the fulfilment of the international obligations in this field; initiates the conclusion of employment related international agreements and participates in negotiation of international agreements on social insurance in the part of unemployment and monitors their implementation; coordinates activities and participates in the implementation of domestic and international employment related projects; gathers foreign and domestic applications and information concerning international and domestic labour supply and demand and responds to them within the limits of its competence and the potential of the labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina; monitors, analyses and researches the economic, social and other trends, employment and unemployment and their interdependence and proposes the necessary measures and activities aimed at enhancing employment, carries out a range of other activities both in the domestic and international labour markets which promote employment, improve the legal protection of workers and the matching of labour supply and demand in accordance with employers’ needs, etc.
LEA BiH has the following organisational units: Office of the Director, Sector for International Cooperation and Domestic Labour Market (consisted of Department for International Cooperation and Department for Domestic Labour Market) and Sector for Legal, HR, General and Accounting Issues (consisted of Department for Legal, HR and General Issues and Department for Accounting Issues). LEA BiH is an independent administrative organisation seated in Sarajevo.
LEA BiH was established by the Law on the Labour and Employment Agency of BiH adopted by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly in 2003. LEA BiH submits its annual activity reports and programmes, as well as all other acts concerning the functioning of the Agency to the BiH Council of Ministers for adoption. The budget of LEA BiH is approved by the BiH Council of Ministers and it makes the integral part of the budget of the Institutions of BiH.
The work of LEA BiH is managed by the Director who has one Deputy to assist him in the management of LEA BiH and to act as replacement in the event of absence or inability of the Director to perform his/her duties.
The Advisory Board of LEA BiH consists of one representative of the line ministry of BiH whose scope of work includes the field of employment, one eminent scientist in the field of employment appointed by the line ministry upon proposal by LEA BiH, one representative of each line Entity ministry and the Government of the Brčko District of BiH, and one representative each from trade unions and employers proposed by each Entity economic and social council and that of the Brčko District of BiH. The Director of the Agency and his/her Deputy, as well as the Directors of Entity employment services and of the Employment Service of the Brčko District shall participate in the work of the Advisory Board as ex officio members without the right to decide. The Advisory Board has the advisory function, namely it gives opinion on the following: annual reviews of employment policies in BiH, proposals of quotas for employment of foreigners, annual activity reports and programmes of LEA BiH, reports on international obligations undertaken by Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of employment, etc.
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