Country name:  MONTENEGRO
To offer qualitative services and programs in line with the clients’ needs; to provide updated and reliable labour market information; to help the unemployed to increase their competiveness, get prepared for work and reduce job-search time; to assist the employers to find the right personnel for business challenges they face; to develop partnerships – while, in the same time, develops own human resources and work processes.
Through the continuous monitoring and recognition of social and economic trends, EAM contributes to the improvement of labour market efficiency in meeting current and expected needs for staff; facilitates transfer of the unemployed from school to work and increases employability of job seekers through realisation of different training activities, particularly those who experience difficulties to find an employment: young, older unemployed persons having inadequate qualification and skills, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups; works together with employers in order to provide them an opportunity to achieve the intended goal – to hire a competent employee.
EAM effectuates own tasks within Head Office, seven Regional Employment Offices and Local Employment Offices that operate in all local communities. Head Office is composed of six Departments (for employment affairs; for HRD, coordination and monitoring work process; for plan, analysis and statistics; for legal affairs and exercising rights during unemployment; for development of EU projects and financial management and control; for IT management), two Services (for personnel and general affairs, and for finance and public procurement), two Divisions (for internal auditing and for PR and international cooperation). Within EAM operates Fund for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with disabilities, as separate organisational unit. Planning and decision-making take place at the central level, taking into account inputs received from the Regional Units and in accordance with annual Government programs, strategic and development documents.
EAM is organized as public service with a legal personality. Administrative supervision in the field of employment is performed by the Ministry responsible for employment, in accordance with the Employment Act. EAM name and headquarters, activities, basics and internal organisation principles, working methods, powers and responsibilities of Director and Management Board, as well as the other important issues for EAM work in line with the Law, shall regulate EAM Statute. The Statute is adopted by the Management Board and approved by the Government. EAM financial operations (revenues and expenses) are performed through the State Treasury. Funds for financing EAM functions and work are provided in the Budget of Montenegro from general revenues (for unemployment benefits) from the EAM intended revenues (paid contributions for Unemployment Insurance, income from sold shares obtained from privatisation of social capital, repayment of self-employment loans, etc.). In line with the Budget Law, EAM Management Board adopts the EAM Draft Budget and submits it to the Ministry of Finance. On behalf of Montenegrin Government, MF prepares the State Budget Proposal, to be adopted by the Parliament of Montenegro. EAM executes Government policies in the labour market.
EAM management bodies are Management Board and Director. The scope of work, powers and responsibilities of the Management Board are regulated by the Employment Law and the EAM Statute. In line with the Employment Law, EAM Management Board is composed at the tripartite principle: representatives of the Government, employers' organisation,, workers' organisations and representative of the EAM employees. EAM Management Board has five members and its mandate is four years.

At the proposal of the Ministry responsible for employment, EAM Director is appointed and dismissed by the Government. Mandate of a Director is four years. Employment Law and EAM Statute regulate powers and responsibilities of the Director, who provides the necessary conditions for the efficient work, supported by the team of experts - heads of organizational units and heads of Regional Employment Offices.
Social partners participate in the EAM Management Board, thus affecting the labour market situation in Montenegro. Representatives of social partners are included in work groups that prepare labour market legislation; participate in national bodies responsible for preparation of standards of occupations and training programs for adults, etc; they are part of Social Council of Montenegro, etc.
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