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  We are here together - European Support for Roma Inclusion
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 4,799,205 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Started
   Project Source of Funding: EU
   Project Donor: EU IPA National Program 2012 funds within the Measure 5 of Social Development
   Implementing partner: OSCE Mission to Serbia in co-operation with Office for Human and Minority Rights (OHMR), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour

   [21-06-2013  -  20-06-2015] (Serbia)

  Short description: General aim - support the implementation of the National Strategy for improvement of the Status of Roma in the areas of access to basic rights and civil participation, labour market, education, health, social welfare, adequate housing and job creation. Components: 1) Access to rights; 2) Introduction of joint mobile teams; 3) Empowerment of civil society organizations; 4) Introduction of drop-out prevention programmes in schools; 5) Improving housing conditions; 6) Sustainable employment opportunities.

  Achieved results: NES participation in the implementation of: Result 2 - establishment of joint mobile teams for the inclusion of Roma in 20 pilot municipalities, which will, through training and field work, improve the efficiency of local officials in the area of social welfare, education, employment and health in the fight against discrimination of Roma. Result 6 - provide support to enterprises that have the potential to provide sustainable employment opportunities and jobs for Roma.

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