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  Recycling textiles to sustainable solutions
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 172,511 euros.
   Project location: Regional     Project Status: Started
   Project Source of Funding: IPA Component II allocations for 2009, 2010, 2011 and leftover from 2008 for Serbia
   Project Donor: EU
   Implementing partner: National Employment Agency of the Republic of Serbia – Uzice Branch*

   [01-04-2014  -  30-06-2015] (Serbia)

  Short description: Overal objective of the project is economic and psychological empowerment of women from vulnerable and hard-to-employ groups, through the influence of the main sources of vulnerability (unemployment, inactivity and social exclusion). The basic idea of the project is to build a model for the inclusion of different population groups that are considered vulnerable, through the creation of a work environment that will encourage their engagement and motivation for inclusion and social engagement, and who will also be in accordance with their capabilities and potential. Project will contribute to the creation of conditions for the employment of vulnerable groups in Serbia and Montenegro, by increasing their competitiveness, establishing a system for collecting, processing and distribution of recycled textiles.

  Achieved results: The pre-selection of candidates for the training in Uzice and Niksic has been completed. The capacity of the two associations to enter the market of recycled textiles has been increased. The infrastructure and technical requirements for the primary selection of textile and the manufacture of products from recycled textiles in the two organizations have been established. 40 women from Uzice and Niksic have been trained to manufacture products from recycled textiles. The local and wider community has become familiar with the model of recycling textiles as an effective way to solve problems in multiple areas: social employment, environment and sustainable development.

Comment: Implementing partner:Citizens Association "Womens Centre Uzice“, Citizens Association SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence Nikšić, National Employment Agency of the Republic of Serbia – Uzice Branch, Bureau of work Niksic, Regional Development Agency – Zlatibor Uzice.

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