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Open letter to the members...

Dear all,

We hereby intend to inform you that the National Employment Service of the Republic of Serbia (NES), in accordance with the obligations that arise from the position of the presiding member for 2008, has taken certain steps with a view to setting up the announced web site, which was presented at our last meeting in Belgrade nearing the end of May this year.

It is our pleasure to inform you that the international domain cpessec.org has been registered and that the initial version of our joint web presentation has been put up. Note that CPESSEC is the acronym for CENTRE OF PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICES OF SOUTHEAST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. The official presentation of WAPES (World Association of Public Employment Services) served as a great model for designing and organising this web presentation.

As you may well know, the principal purpose of this presentation is to establish efficient and quality exchange of data and current information among the member PES. The concept of the web site that we propose provides all members with the possibility to enter and edit current information (with the possibility of redirection towards respective web pages of your web presentations, where it is possible to publish considerably more comprehensive information in some of the popular formats such as HTML, PDF, PPT). We assess that such a concept (provided it is accepted by your part), provides equal participation of all members as well as great basis for further joint development, advancement and increase of the functionality of this site.

We would appreciate if your experts could review the initial version of this Website. We are especially interested in your opinion regarding the concept, functionality, navigation quality and visual identity of the Website (including the logo and proposed slogan EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION, EXPERIENCES AND IDEAS).

According to the proposed concept, each member delegates a person (PES ADMIN) who will be authorized, on behalf of your Service, to enter data and change the existing data about the activities you are carrying out and about which you would like to inform other members. For this reason, you should nominate this person and send us his/her basic contact information (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address). After that, this person will be registered in the system and USER NAME and PASSWORD will be sent to his/her e-mail address.

Website address: http://www.cpessec.org/

You are welcome to send your opinion, suggestions and basic information related to the proposed PES ADMIN to our official e-mail address: adrijana.cicovic@nsz.gov.rs

Belgrade, September 12, 2007.

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