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  Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups in the Labour Market
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 71,300 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: PROGRES
   Project Donor: UNOPS
   Implementing partner: /

   [20-09-2010  -  31-03-2011] (Serbia)

  Short description: The overall objective, as regards the National Employment Service (NES), is the improvement of employment of target groups, which were, in “Research of Labour Force– South-West Serbia” and “Research of Local Employers - South-West Serbia” conducted by TNS Medium Gallup, identified as groups facing major problems in finding employment. Specific objective: Supporting NES in providing active labour market programmes trough provision of subsidies for self-employment implies efforts to alleviate the situation discovered in researches in the most optimal way. Through provision of subsidies for self-employment the goal is to economically strengthen all disadvantaged categories of unemployed persons being, according to researches, in the most unfavorable position, such as displaced persons, Roma, migrants, but also people with disabilities. In addition to economically strengthening the vulnerable categories of the unemployed, the goal of NES shall be to upgrade the data base in the way to ensure the possibility to obtain data that will compile different information about an unemployed person, who can be facing with manifold, parallel problem like: returning, disability, refugee, discrimination in respect of belonging to minority ethnic group etc. Upgraded database should allow a simple and fast access to all information and meet the need for crossing of data, as well as for thereof listing according to certain criterion.

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