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  Sustainable Labour Market Response to the Need for Inclusion of Victims of Trafficking
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 140,104 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: donation
   Project Donor: IOM
   Implementing partner: IOM Belgrade,NGO Atina,NES,Coordination Body For Protection of Victims of Trafficking of the MoLSP of RS

   [01-05-2009  -  31-05-2010] (Serbia)

  Short description: Overall objective: to provide support to the integration of the victims of trafficking into the labour market Specific objectives:to provide a mechanism for referring the victims of trafficking to NES services; to create individual plans of economic inclusion of the victims of trafficking;to build NES capacities to work with the victims of trafficking Expected results: analyses of individual economic status of victims initiated; individual interviews with victims initiated and carried out; vocational training sessions for the target group initiated and carried out;individual employment plans concluded;formal and non-formal education of victims facilitated (through the existing NES programmes);20 victims integrated in the labour market, individual counselling and case management provided; employment of 20 victims provided; monitoring mechanism for rendered services established and employment follow-up provided; information seminars for NES employees organized

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