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  Project of self employment by accreditation
   Project type: Other      Project Budget: 6,000,000 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Started
   Project Source of Funding: Budget of the Republic of Macedonia
   Project Donor: Government of the Republic of Macedonia
   Implementing partner: Employment Service Agency of the Republic of Macedonia

   [01-03-2008  -  31-12-2008] (Macedonia)

  Short description: Apart from the active employment measures in the Operational plan and the measures that are conducted within the regular activities of the ESARM (counseling in the job clubs, professional orientation, stimulation measures for employment of disabled persons and others), from this year further we have begun with the realization of the Project of self employment by accreditation as a news in the activity of the ESARM. For the first time the Government of the Republic of Macedonia through the ESARM has included an active measure for self employment which provides favorable credits and education and technical support for the commencement of a business, that are related to the registration of the activity. Resources in amount of 3 000 euros, in denary recompense, in a form of equipment, finances, repromaterials and/or money are provided for each new working place. Credits in amount up to 15 000 euros for projects with at last 5 new working places can be granted. Additional stimulation resources such as increase of the basic credit for another 1000 euros for the persons who is demanding a credit fro his self employment or for the persons who will be employed by this person, and who belong to tha target group of unemployed persons due to redundancy, bankruptcy, liquidation and have been registered as unemployed for more than 3 years. The credits will be given through the business banks under very favorable terms: grace period of 1 year and interest rate of 1 % yearly, and the deadline for the return of the resources is 3 years. The credits are conditioned with 25 % of own deposit from the demanded credit in a from of equipment, objects and/or money, as well as own assurance of the demanded amount (mortgage in amount of the granted credit, guarantee by at least one solvent) or a guarantee of movable objects in proportion 1:2.

  Achieved results: The project is on going

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