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  Modernization of ESS-Establishment of Educational/Training centre of ESS
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 2,000,000 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Proposal
   Project Source of Funding: National Budget, ESF
   Project Donor: No
   Implementing partner: No

   [01-04-2008  -  31-12-2013] (Slovenia)

  Short description: In the frame of the general project of Modernization of the ESS, project Establishment of Educational/Training centre of ESS was recognized as one of the most important key projects. Modernization of ESS and development tasks in Human Recourse management field are the main objectives in our bussines plan 2008 as well. In june 2008 the project group was named by ESS authorities and the work on project started. The aim of the project is to establish Educational Centre of ESS and to continue with educational process(programmes). With educational/training programmes we will raise the level of key competencies of our staff, firstly of proffesional guidance, rehabilitation and job counselors. We shall be following Life long Learning recomandations, mentioned and proposed in the Lisabon strategie. Phases of our work will be: - Recognition and description of key competencies of ESS employees(2008) - Re-assesment of existing aducational/training programmes(2008) - Development of new educational/training programmes(2008-2013) - Co-operation with social partners i. e. other educational authorities, employers…, to recognize their educational/training needs(2008-2013) - Recognition and description of »hidden knowledge« among employees of ESS staff - Education of 8-10 new trainers through »Train the Trainers« programmes(2009-2010) - Tender and selection of »Train The Trainers « programmes(2008-2009) - Develop National Job Qualification for job counselor(2009-2010) - Establish Educational/training centre of ESS(2012) - Become one of the best educational centres in South-East Europe

  Achieved results: Work in working groups.

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