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   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 7,000 euros.
   Project location: Local     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: Employment Agency of Montenegro (EAM), National Agency for SME Development (NASME)
   Project Donor: No
   Implementing partner: Employment Agency of Montenegro (EAM), National Agency for SME Development “Adižes Montenegro”

   [05-05-2008  -  31-07-2008] (Montenegro)

  Short description: Project goal: to supply young managers with practical managerial knowledge and skills necessary for everyday work on their future job positions. Project was planned in two phases: I phase – three weeks interactive seminar II phase – 2 months of practical work in enterprises. First Project phase realised experts from “Adižes Montenegro”. During the work were used different training methods: lectures, case studies, exercises, workshops, simulations etc. Training helped participants to widen their knowledge, adopted in regular education, about company life cycle, project management, problem resolving, business communication, marketing, PR, etc. During the second phase participants worked in companies, where they passed through all organisational levels of certain company, got knowledge about business procedures and way of doing business with clients, accomplished different tasks given by their “bosses”. Their work was supervised by EAM and NASME experts.

  Achieved results: - 15 new graduates in economics, unemployed persons, trained and prepared for practical work in companies - Received certificates from prestigious “Adizes” Institute - Risen level of awareness about need for practical, applicable knowledge which will enable young graduates to be effectively inserted on the labour market

Comment: Young university graduates from the EAM records usually do not have problem to find a job. Problem is that they do not have practical knowledge for work. Most of employers, particularly those from SMEs, do not have enough sources, time or even feeling to invest in own employees. They expect to employ young person who is already capable to cope with business problems, who knows foreign languages, has computer skills, who has developed personal skills (communicative, flexible, innovative, willing to work in a team, to adopt new knowledge, etc.). EAM and NASME wanted to help to both of them: to young graduates to adopt practical knowledge that would enable them to be successful in their work, and to employers to find qualitative and multi-skilled workers. Employment Agency of Montenegro continuously organises and realises training programs that help unemployed persons to get practical knowledge demanded on the labour market. General goal is to increase competitiveness of labour force and to enable employers to employ qualitative workers, according to their needs.

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