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   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 160,000 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Started
   Project Source of Funding: Employment Agency of Montenegro
   Project Donor: No
   Implementing partner: Agency “Papilot” Ljubljana

   [01-02-2007  -  31-12-2020] (Montenegro)

  Short description: In February 2007 Agency “Papilot” presented to the Employment Agency of Montenegro methodology of work with hard-to-employ persons. Soon after that “Papilot” started 2-week training program for EAM experts/counsellors, for work with vulnerable groups of unemployed persons. Work continued in March 2008, when Agency “Papilot” presented the Project “I will succeed!”. Program was seen very useful and applicable in Montenegrin circumstances. It was decided to organise education of trainers who would realise the Project. Program vision: to create, through training and motivation, a nucleus of external experts who will operatively realise active labour market programs as EAM partners, according to labour market demands, having in mind needs, wishes and capabilities of unemployed persons. Program mission: to create positively directed supportive environment, which will contribute to development of new knowledge, skills and approach for systematic reduce of unemployment in Montenegro. Created nucleus of external experts will enable further development of employment programs, particularly for vulnerable groups which will be transferred into active employment policy system, after having all program phases completed (identification of needs, initial idea, development, up to their implementation in practice) and evaluated. Among unemployed persons were selected 14 persons having diploma in high education. Five-week seminar realised previously trained EAM experts. Work in workshops was simultaneously supervised by “Papilot” experts. After completed training program, these 14 persons were included in practical work. They were employed in a form of public work. At the beginning they worked on 2-days motivation-information seminars with persons who usually get a job easier. Reason for this is to enable them to get practice for work with small groups. By now, this work was organised in two Regional Employment Bureaus. From this autumn, such seminars will be organised in other Bureaus. After this phase completed, these persons will realise training programs for hard-to-employ persons, hopefully organised in private agencies. Parallel with these activities EAM and “Papilot” developed “Doctrine and Technology of Work with Hard-to-employ Persons”, promoted in July.

  Achieved results: - Trained 14 unemployed persons for work with hard-to-employ persons - Developed Methodological Manual for Trainers - Organised a range of 2-days seminars in two Regional Employment Bureaus - Continuous media campaign in order to - rise awareness of Montenegrin society for problems of vulnerable groups of unemployed persons and complexity of work with them - to motivate unemployed and other persons to get interest in work with hard-to-employ persons and be partner to EAM in this work - to motivate unemployed persons to participate in programs designed for them - to present to employers working potentials of persons from these groups of unemployed persons - Visibility of these persons in society - Developed “Doctrine and Technology of Work with Hard-to-employ Persons”

Comment: On the EAM records there are around 30% persons who can be classified in one or more vulnerable groups of unemployed persons. Great demand for workers on one side and such high percentage of those with difficulties in finding a job on another imposed a need to create and realise specialised programs for persons in these groups, in order to activate them and prepare for inclusion on the labour market. Employers do not use possibilities given by the Law on Employment enough (subventions, tax exceptions, training programs, etc.) to employ older, redundant persons, ex-alcoholics or members of Roma population. Unemployed persons who search a job for long time, loose their motivation, hope and working capabilities during years of working inactivity. In their inclusion on the labour market have to be invested great efforts and money. Whole society has to be included in this problem, particularly because Montenegro needs more and more workers. And, Employment Agency of Montenegro needs private partners, capable to take over a part of this burden – to enable to all unemployed persons to feel useful and to provide for themselves, for their families and for society in whole. EAM wants to approach to this issue in systematic and comprehensive way, according to European best practice and standards.

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