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  DILMA “Develop Integrate Labour Market of the Adriatic Area” Project
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 1,250,000 euros.
   Project location: Local     Project Status: Proposal
   Project Source of Funding: This project is funded by the European Union
   Project Donor: EU
   Implementing partner: Italian Veneto Region

   [01-05-2007  -  01-06-2008] (Croatia)

  Short description: This project is the continuation of the SVILMA project (Development of the Adriatic Labour Market). It was initiated by Italian Veneto Region with the Croatian Employment Service as the Croatian proponent. The purpose of the project is to realize international cooperation of state, public and private labour market stakeholders, enhance the knowledge and skills of those employed in public and private employment services and improve institutional cooperation in balancing the supply and demand in the labour market through further development of partnerships in Italian Adriatic regions, namely Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Croatia.

  Achieved results: Croatian Employment Service has signed a contract with the Delegation of European Commission and the budget was approved. The Terms of Reference were developed in cooperation with a Technical assistance provided by the main applicant. Within the project DILMA, Croatian Employment Service is planning to organize two two-day trainings for local stakeholders on labour market issues and project cycle management. Furthermore, short report on the Croatian labour market situation was written, and a study visit for Croatian Employment Service representatives was organized. The purpose of that study visit was to introduce them to ROSTER, labour market and migration experts data base in order to create similar data base for CES needs. Another study visit is planned in near future. Within the DILMA project in all the Adriatic Regional Offices the lectures about the EURES net have been organized and held by Italian experts from Veneto Lavoro. Final conference of the project for the Italian partners was held in Bologna on 16th of July 2008. Three representatives of Croatian Employment Service attended the conference. Italian partners have presented achieved results within work packages and agreed to support non Italian project partners by the end of their contracts.

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