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  Diminishing the Vulnerability of Domicile RAE Population
   Project type: Grant      Project Budget: 13,026,411 euros.
   Project location: Inter-regional     Project Status: Started
   Project Source of Funding: UNDP, Employment Agency of Montenegro/EAM
   Project Donor: -
   Implementing partner: Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare, i.e. Centres for Social Work in Bar, Berane and Nikšic;, Centre for Vocat

   [01-04-2008  -  01-05-2009] (Montenegro)

  Short description: General aims: increase employment rate of RAE population; rise quality of job searching services, offered to unemployed RAE persons; provide higher level and quality of social partnership; conduct institutional reform and implement labour market legislation qualitatively. Specific targets: I to improve capacities of EAM, i.e. Regional Employment Bureaus through involvement of EAM expert teams in the Project realisation; to organise training for EAM employees, employees of Centres for Social Work and NGO representatives from selected municipalities, which will be focused on work with RAE population II to improve placement services in sense of: organising and realising training programs for 57 participants, members of RAE population, among which 30-40% will be women; Designing new training programs for occupations that will competitive on the labour market and, in the same time, satisfying demands of RAE members III support to the development of an entrepreneurial incentive, through: identification of potential users of credit funds for small businesses, based on defined criteria, or defining other types of support within active labour market measures during the Project, in coordination with UNDP; Support to 3-5 small businesses through credit approval, or realisation of some other types of active labour market measures;

  Achieved results: At moment included 23 persons in training programs

Comment: Activities are being realised according to the Project dynamics. In Berane, in cooperation with Secondary School »V. Vukadinovic« is organised training for six car-mechanics, while in cooperation with the Hairdesser Shop »Mladost« is organised training for two unemployed persons for occupation »hairdresser for women«. In Bar is in course training for three RAE persons: in the Hairdresser Shop »Alhamira« in Ulcinj, and in the Private Enterprise »Stilex« in Bar is organised training, one person in each, for occupation »hairdresser for women«, while in the Private Enterprise »Tapacir Kurti« in Ulcinj is in course training for one persons for occupation ready-way maker. In Nikšic is in course training for 12 persons. In the Public Enterprise »Sportski centar« are trained two persons for occupation »cook assistant«; in the Private Enterprise »Sole mio« one person participates in training for occupation »male hairdresser assistant«; in the Secondary Vocational School is organised training for five persons for occupation »woman hairdresser« and in the Public Institution »Prva srednja strucna škola« training is organised for four persons for occupation »car mechanic assistant«. For the next week are planned three one-day-seminars, in Regional Employment Bureaus Berane, Bar and Nikšic, in order to rise quality of capacity for institutions dealing with social inclusion of RAE population, and with improvement of their employment possibilities. Seminars have been planned as one of Project activities. Participants on the seminar will be Advisors from Regional Employment Bureaus, persons employed in the Centres for Social Work and representatives of NGOs from these municipalities, dealing with issues related to RAE population. Seminar will organise EAM, hiring own trained trainers and supervisors.

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