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  CARDS 2004 “Local Partnerships for Employment" - Project Phase 2
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 1,500,000 euros.
   Project location: Local     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: This project is funded by the European Union
   Project Donor: EU
   Implementing partner: WYG International Ltd.

   [07-11-2005  -  06-05-2007] (Croatia)

  Short description: The main purpose of the project was to strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders to develop and implement active labour market policy measures respecting the local partnership approach and using the procedures of the European Social Fund. Continuing on the Local Partnerships for Employment project implemented under CARDS 2002, the second phase encompassed the counties of Lika-Senj, Karlovac, Požega-Slavonia and Brod-Posavina.

  Achieved results: The project has included analysis of local labour markets on the basis of empirical research, and employee training in the CES Regional Offices in the principles, mechanisms, rules and procedures of the European Social Fund. The project is implemented in direct cooperation with the CARDS project for the implementation of Regional Operating Programmes of the Ministry of Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development; the principles and the preferred local cooperation model have been defined. According to the defined model, a Thematic Task Force for HR Development has been established within each Regional Partnership Council, representing the foreseen local employment partnership. The Thematic Task Forces will produce regional HR development strategies, and will prepare individual projects pertaining to the labour market by competing for grant of non-repayable funds of the European Union.

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