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XII Managerial Conference of the Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC) - “Public Employment Services Boosting Economy Competitiveness” – MONTENEGRO 2013
 Management Board
  [14-11-2013  -  15-11-2013] (Montenegro)   

The Twelfth Managerial Conference of the Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC) named “Public Employment Services Boosting Economy Competitiveness” took place on 14 November 2013 at the Hotel Princess, Bar, Montenegro. The conference was organised by the Employment Agency of Montenegro. PES representatives from ten CPESSEC member countries were present as follows: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey and Hungary, as well as the experts from Public Employment Services from France, Germany and Austria and representative of WAPES – Region Europe. All guests/experts gave presentations in the introductory part of the Conference. Discussions among CPESSEC representatives were organised in two panels, supported by relevant presentation. National Labour Office of Hungary became full CPESSEC member, at own request, and signed the Guidelines for Operating CPESSEC.

Status: [C] Completed

Result: See the document XII Managerial Conference of the CPESSEC – Final Considerations and Recommendations. Participants presented situation at the national labour markets, issues and concepts in assisting the employers to find suitable and qualitative workers and that way increase their competitiveness. The economic crisis caused many problems at the labour markets, such as: layoffs, structural and regional disparities, increased number of young and highly qualified persons at the PES registers, reduced funds for ALM measures and programs. Employers, the main source of employment, mostly fight to survive: they do not have sufficient resources to invest in own expansion, to open new jobs and to invest in the own staff, although human resources are the most important driver of higher productivity and competitiveness. That is the reason why they rely on the PES. Efficient and effective cooperation and partnership with employers and other social partners is mutually useful and should be further developed. Presentations about the ways how their PES boost economy competitiveness were given by guests – representatives from France, Austria and Germany, and by all CPESSEC member states. WAPES representative presented activities of this association in the Europe region.

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