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Career guidance fair
  [01-01-2008  -  30-06-2008] (Serbia)   

Activity topic: -Provision of information to a large number of clients about the labour market, choice of occupation, career planning and employment -Organised, functional connecting of the relevant educational institutions and potential clients -Direct cooperation of educational institutions. Summary: 1. Preparation and distribution of demands for organisation of the Career Guidance Fair. 2. Analysis of responses/confirmations of the secondary schools and other institutions outside NES about the participation in the Career Guidance Fair which serve as the basis for: - Planning and attending the meetings - Determining the form and method of presentation of activities in the fair (workshops, panel discussions, lectures) - Scheduling the term for the fair. 3. Realisation of activities. In the stand of the Career Guidance, the visitors are provided information in the sphere of labour market, occupations, career planning and employment.

Status: [N] Not completed

Result: Provision of information about the sphere of labour, choice of occupation, career planning and employment with a view to preventing the wrong choice of occupation and career, school-age population and other interested parties participating in the process of vocational information and counselling.

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