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CPESSEC organises a wide variety of activities. Here you find a short description of our activities.


Assessment of employability and development of individual employment plan - Collecting of data on professional characteristics and expectations of job seekers in order to individualize the level and type of services that NES provides to its clients
  [01-01-2008  -  31-12-2008] (Serbia)   

Counsellor conducts a structured interview with a client and assesses client’s employability in the local labour market (taking into account professional characteristics and expectations, as well as labour market demands). The result of the assessment is the identification of measures and activities that should be carried out by the NES and the client in order to recruit the client promptly and adequately. The agreed measures and activities are entered in the individual employment plan (time dimension).

Status: [N] Not completed

Result: Prevention of long-term unemployment through the increase of employability of unemployed persons (individualization of NES services)

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