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Motivation and training of unemployed persons in job search; acquiring of job search skills
  [01-01-2008  -  31-12-2008] (Serbia)   

14-day workshop, conducted by the Club Leader (NES expert), consists of: o identification of vocational interests of participants; o acquiring of job search skills; o learning about the sources of information on vacancies; o acquiring of presentation skills (CV, interview with employer); o exchange of experience in job search, information on vacancies. After the expiration of these 2 weeks, participants are allowed to visit the Club (in the next 4 weeks), search through relevant Web Sites and apply for vacant positions. For this purpose, every Job Club have a special room (info room) with all the equipment necessary for providing information on vacancies, writing of CVs and forwarding of application letters to employers (computers, printers, copier, telephone, etc.).

Status: [N] Not completed

Result: o Upgraded motivation of unemployed persons to actively look for job; o job seekers trained in job search skills; o developed ability to overcome negative feelings resulting from the failure in job search. 16 Job Clubs are currently active in Serbia; new Job Clubs will be opened in the areas not covered by the existing ones

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