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   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 660,000 euros.
   Project location: National     Project Status: Started
   Project Source of Funding: Employment Agency of Montenegro, State Budget, municipalities
   Project Donor: No
   Implementing partner: Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare (Centres for Social Work, Medical Centres), NGOs, Pension and Disability Fund, Hea

   [03-01-2005  -  02-01-2020] (Montenegro)

  Short description: Like in most developed countries, population in Montenegro grows old. Participation of persons older than 65 is near 12%. At the time before the Project started, there was only one facility for institutional care of elderly (300 beds) in Montenegro. Due to modern style of life, many old persons live alone, without any help, and most of them do not have financial possibilities to pay somebody to take care about them. According to EAM records, there are not persons for occupation such as »geronto-maid«, because there is no adequate education program in secondary school. That imposed a need to develop standard of knowledge for such occupation, find adequate trainers and train unemployed persons. Demographic situation shows that this type of occupation will be needed even more in future. Selected persons had adequate training and got certificates for “geronto-mains”. All persons included in the Project as service suppliers, have periodical seminars. Within active labour market policy, Employment Agency of Montenegro organises public works, as a measure that helps hard-to-employ persons to get included in the work- Integral part of public work is training. Before pilot project started, on EAM records were around 50% women, most of them in the age 35-50, redundancies, without many possibilities to find a job. Pilot Project started in Bar municipality. Target groups of the Project were unemployed persons (12 women) and persons over 65, in bad financial situation, having health problems (not immobile), without family to take care about them. EAM animated the wider public and all potential partners to participate in this Project. Assistance comprises: physical care, social and psychological assistance to old persons in their environment – home, free of charge. Project goals were: to create new occupation demanded on the labour market and provide new jobs for trained persons from EAM records; to improve quality of life for old persons; to promote alternative ways of care for old persons; to create conditions that this Project, through partnership of relevant institutions on the national and local level, becomes permanent type of assistance to old persons. In the year after pilot phase of the Project, Employment Agency of Montenegro organised alternative care for elderly in 6 more Regional Employment Centres. Later were included several more municipalities, so at the moment, in the Project participate 16 (out of 21) municipalities. Project teams on local levels are composed of representatives from institutions that take care, in their segment, about elderly. Team leader is EAM employee.

  Achieved results: -developed new standard for occupation »geronto-maid« -trained around 190 unemployed persons for this occupation, got certificates -in different phases care was offered in the range from 60 (pilot Project), up to 1,200 (at the moment) old persons -increased quality of life for old persons -risen awareness of wider public and institutions about need to organise comprehensive care for old citizens, in partnership of relevant subjects

Comment: In the meantime were opened several private facilities for elderly, and some public ones are in the construction phase. This alternative type of care for elderly will be integral part of future social care system. EAM, in cooperation with the partners, prepares necessary preconditions for comprehensive and sustainable care for elderly, in line with European standards and the best practice.

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