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  Employment of Women, primarily Albanians and Roma
   Project type: Services      Project Budget: 92,000 euros.
   Project location: Local     Project Status: Finished
   Project Source of Funding: donation
   Project Donor: EU
   Implementing partner: EAR Regional Development Agency Leskovac

   [27-06-2006  -  27-12-2006] (Serbia)

  Short description: Overall objective: to increase employment, reduce unemployment, strengthening confidence and tolerance among ethnic groups, preservation of craftsmanship in Jablanicki region. Specific objectives: Training and employment of vulnerable groups (unemployed women, primarily Albanians, Roma and Serbs). Components: - Training in traditional weaving and sale of these products (in cooperation with local authorities in Lebane); - Additional training in entrepreneurship.

  Achieved results: - 30 unemployed women have been trained (Albanians, Roma and Serbs) - equipment procured (5 metal looms and 15 wooden looms); - training material procured

Comment: - in order to ensure Project sustainability, NES has rented the workshop of “Eskporteks” factory; a part of equipment was temporary given to entrepreneur – beneficiary of self-employment subsidy (till August 30, 2008); - the remainder of the Project budget is allocated to the procurement of semi-finished goods for the production of ethno products (half of them will be labeled with NES logo).

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