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Regional Migrations and Youth Employment
  [26-11-2008  -  27-11-2008] (Serbia)   

TAIEX funded seminar on the possibilities, effects and legislation with respect to legal migrations in the region. Participants from member organisations gave presentations on the relevant legislation in their respective countries and discussed the possibilities of bilateral agreements regarding social insurance.

Status: [C] Completed

Result: Establish a working group on the level of the Centre (one expert from each member organisation) to address the following topics: Elaborate a joint programme on migrations in the countries of the region Incite accelerated signing of bilateral agreements on social insurance Initiate the project for collection and harmonisation of data on migrants in the region Build capacities and develop migration policies of the countries in the region with assistance from EU institutions Organise a workshop to deal with the issues of youth employment All European countries have active policies but different legislation in the field of migrations European public employment services have developed programmes for education and social inclusion of migrants Most countries have recognized the significance of the contributions of migrants to the economic and social development of the community.

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