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CPESSEC organises a wide variety of activities. Here you find a short description of our activities.


Provision of information and counselling in the Centre for Information and Vocational Counselling (CIPS)
  [01-01-2008  -  31-12-2008] (Serbia)   

Activity topic: -Information about occupations, vacancies, labour market trends, self-employment programmes etc. -Self-evaluation of interests -Counselling of clients for career choice and development Summary: 1. Information is provided through printed material, electronic media, group and individual. 2. Information types: getting acquainted with the occupations, descriptions of tasks and condition in which they are carried out, labour market trends, self-employment programmes, vacancies... 3. Activities in CIPS are available through self-service and they are carried out with support from the career guidance officers.

Status: [N] Not completed

Result: Higher level of information about the sphere of labour, occupation and education. Better insight into own capacities, knowledge and motivation. Generally increased motivation of clients to handle their personal educational and career development.

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