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Counselling for career development
  [01-01-2008  -  31-12-2008] (Serbia)   

Activity topic:  Assistance to the unemployed persons and other interested parties to independently make decisions related to their career development through psychological strengthening, motivation raising and improvement of the clients’ competences;  Expert assistance to the employment officer to formulate and revise the individual action plans of clients. Summary: 1. Gathering and analysis of the information about the unemployed persons (information from the registration forms and questionnaires, personal records of unemployed persons, individual action plans, capacity assessments in the placement services through the unified information system; information provided by the employment officers) 2. A career guidance officer conducts individual psychological counselling which entails: - Inspection and analysis of the occupational problem - Psychological testing of the clients (optional) - Indication of the possibilities and limitations in the context of the labour market situation as well as in relation to the capacities, knowledge and interests. - Introduction of the client to the purposeful model of decision making related to the career development - Agreement with the client about the further course of action - Motivation of the clients with a view to implementation of the agreements.

Status: [N] Not completed

Result: Higher level of information about the sphere of labour, occupations and education. Better insight into personal capacities, knowledge and motivation. Increase of the clients’ readiness to individually make realistic and purposeful decisions regarding the professional and career development. Generally increased motivation of clients to handle their own career development.

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